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TJClarkMinerals. Clarks are the finest liquid colloidal minerals available. improve your health and fitness by keeping mentally and physically fit using the original clarks mineral formula and vitamins along with t. j. clark's chromium picolinate. minerals imitated by many with toddy and liquid formulas, some using joel wallach for their endorsement or their spokesman. doctor joel wallach now has his own brand of mineral, american longevity, not using the tjclark mineral formula nor the minerals from the clark mine. tjclark's original plant source minerals come from the original plant source mines discovered by old tom clark. other liquid mineral companies like new vision, life plus, young living, marine mineral research, life force, body systems, changes international, cell tech, integrated health, higher ideals, enzymes international, hub research, rockland, have entered the liquid colloidal mineral market and they do not use the clark formula.

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