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Interesting Gem facts about Emeralds.



The 20th and 35th ANNIVERSARY STONE

MOH's scale of hardness : 7.5-8 

Specific Gravity : 2.67-2.78

Refractive Index : 1.576-1.582

Double Refraction : 0.006

Emerald, the first stones were mined in the deserts of Egypt near the Red Sea in what were known as Cleopatra's Mines.  Egyptian Emerald mined today are small and dark stones.
Sources for this gemstone are Colombia, Africa, and Brazil.
Emerald is a member of the Beryl mineral family, along with Aquamarine, Golden Beryl, Goshenite, Bixbite and Morganite. The name for Emerald is taken from the Greek smaragdos, meaning Green stone. The top color for Emerald is a deep Green. Inclusions are generally accepted in Emeralds since all but the rare few have visible inclusions of Mica, Pyrite or Calcite or the "garden" type inclusions. Inclusions can be important in separating natural from synthetic Emeralds and for identifying the country of origin.
TREATMENTS - Virtually all Emerald on the market is included with some sort of surface-reaching fractures and openings. The visibility of the inclusions is reduced by filling them. Traditionally, oils (such as cedarwood oil) are used but in time they tend to dry out thus making the inclusion more readily visible again and the gem would require another oil bath.  Today, natural resin or wax type materials are preferred over the traditional oils, since the resin or wax is a natural substance with more of an almost permanent treatment life.  Emerald enhancement processes date back over 600 years, and oil, natural resin, or wax type treatments are accepted trade practices that do not adversely affect the performance and durability of the gemstone, so you can expect all Emeralds will have some type of enhancement.  There's no need to worry when you see these enhancements disclosed.
CARE - Emeralds must be treated with care to prevent chipping.  Emerald jewelry should not be cleaned in an ultrasonic or steam cleaner. We recommend
Ionic Cleaners and/or warm, soapy water and a soft brush as the best way to clean Emerald jewelry.
We only feature and offer Natural Emeralds.
The vibrant Green incomparable beauty is reason enough for owning this Gem


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